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Business Model

DBNOC has deployed an exceptionally strong business model, which differentiates us from the competition. At the heart of this business model, lies our unique "three-pronged approach." This approach combines the latest technology with business and technical consulting to present a complete solution to our customers.

Our customers are focused on the bottom line. They want hard results, and that's what we deliver.

Why do companies turn to DBNOC to solve their business problems? There are several reasons:

  • TIME-TO-MARKET: DBNOC applications are implemented much quicker than those of our competitors. DBNOC solutions increase the speed-of-delivery of new products into the marketplace.
  • EASE OF USE: Our applications are inherently intuitive for both experienced Web masters and users who only have experience browsing the Web. If you can use a Web browser, you can use DBNOC's Content Management System.
  • PRICE FOR PERFORMANCE: Our applications have similar functionality to more expensive solutions, but at a fraction of the cost. Our solutions can be implemented for less than the cost of one employee’s yearly salary.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Our solutions are custom tailored for each individual customer. Customers get exactly, and only, what they want.
  • SERVICE AND SUPPORT: DBNOC uses knowledge gained from direct contact before and after the sale to provide tailored customer service.
  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY: DBNOC utilizes the latest technology to ensure that our customers get the most for their investment.
  • ROI: Both large and small organizations experience quick return on investment by increasing sales and cutting costs within a short time frame.  Full utilizataion of our solutions will deliver more units sold and maximization of employee’s time.
  • THREE-PRONGED MODEL: DBNOC sells complete customer solutions by combining consulting with solid applications and design services.  Our customers receive solid applications along with years of technical and business expertise to ensure that they succeed.
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