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Content Management
DBNOC has developed a sophisticated content management system that dynamically creates all of the content that is delivered to the user's browser, as well as the software processes that directly or indirectly support that delivery.  Utilizing customized workflow procedures, typical business users can now contribute their own content to the corporate Web site via intuitive user interfaces.  This allows companies to easily create, maintain and deploy Web sites containing tens-of-thousands of pages, while removing a significant burden from the Webmaster staff.

e-Commerce expands your organization's ability to sell around the world and around the clock.  Our e-commerce engine gives you the ability to quickly create and manage product promotions on your web site to capture your customer's attention and help drive sales.  Your product managers can work with various other departments, utilizing workflow, to deliver your company's promotion launch at the right time with the right pricing details, product availability, and accompanying text and images.

Passport Marketing
DBNOC Passport is a one-to-one Web marketing tool designed for promotion and tracking. Easily load lists of contacts into Passport and send each contact a personalized e-mail with a special link, which drives each recipient to a personalized page on the web.  Every time a guest visits the link, the sender is instantly notified, and can view a report of guest activity.  Any page on your site can be personalized with the click of a button, and an unlimited number of recipients can be e-mailed.  This is a great marketing and sales tool that can be used from any location with an Internet connection.

DBNOC Consulting
Our experienced consultants will work with you every step of the way to achieve your goals. We can help you take your efforts to new levels by combining new technologies with traditional methods, which will advance you ahead of the competition and keep you there.

DBNOC Design
DBNOC's team of Webmasters will work with you to custom design your Web site's look and feel using industry-standard tools. Utilizing our CMS, we can present you with multiple options of design layouts to choose from. Purchase any one or more of the proposed designs, then simply select and change them at will using your CMS.

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