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DBNOC's database technology is a result of a complete rethinking of how databases should work on the web — and how they could be improved and made easier to manage. The result — a high-capacity architecture that delivers more power but is easier to use. Consider these important features:
Unlimited Transactions
Databases can handle any number of simultaneous requests. There are no built-in limits. Operate as fast as hardware allows.

No Schemas
Our web-native technology eliminates the need for database table schemas (definitions of relational links between database tables — the mainstay of legacy database architectures). Database table joins are specified in the HTML document, if needed. The result — databases are a snap to set up and are more flexible, enabling substantially shorter development and deployment times.

No Drivers Needed
Our database engine is built into our web engine. No external database access means no drivers needed (drivers slow down database transactions). Access is fast and immediate.

Network Capability
Database tables can be accessed from any node in a server-defined network. Databases can reside on one node on one kind of hardware; and be read, written to or searched from another node on a different kind of hardware. Nodes can be placed at different locations across the web, even different service providers.

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