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There are many benefits of using applications that support multiple platforms.

DBNOC applications support the following platforms:

Linux (Intel Platforms) 
Supporting all popular versions of LINUX.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000 
Supporting all version of Windows.

Sun Microsystems 
Supporting all current UNIX versions. Supporting both Intel and Sparc processors.

Berkeley Systems Design 
Supporting the BSDI and FreeBSD product lines.

Sun Cobalt Server 
Supporting the award-winning Qube and RaQ product lines.

Supporting Macintoshes with OS versions 7 through 9. Runs under the award-winning server from Tenon that makes a Macintosh a viable Web server. Requires installation of Web10. (See http://www.tenon.com).

Macintosh OS X 
Supporting Apple's next-generation Operation System.

Hewlett Packard 
Supporting HP-UX 10 for HP 9000 series hardware.

SGI (Silicon Graphics) 
Supporting the IRIX operating system. Also supporting the Sun Solaris emulation on SGI.

Linux/Unix on Compaq Alpha (formerly DEC Alpha) 
Supporting both the Linux and DEC-UNIX operating systems.

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