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Consider the cross-platform benefits:

    DBNOC allows you to start out with a low-cost hosting account and eventually grow to become one of the largest sites on the web. You can start small because DBNOC applications can operate in small hosting accounts, databases and all. You can grow to become a world-class site because DBNOC sites can also be distributed across multiple high-end dedicated servers. Most importantly, DBNOC's server-jumping and web networking technologies enable you to scale up to any size without having to reprogram your site.

    Run on Any Hardware:
    DBNOC applicatons operate on UNIX, LINUX, Windows and Macintosh platforms. Applications run with all web servers including Apache, Microsoft IIS, MS Personal Server, Netscape Enterprise, IBM Websphere and Lotus Domino.

    DBNOC Sites are easily movable:
    The web means not being tied to underlying hardware and not being held hostage to one company or hardware/software configuration. DBNOC applications are designed to be movable.

    Open to the Future:
    The ability to operate on different hardware platforms gives you the ability to take advantage of superior hardware as you require or as it becomes available. Build a site today and feel secure you can move up to better hardware if needed or take advantage of better hardware as it becomes available.

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