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DBNOC applications have very little minimum operating requirements.

Our applications can run on virtually any shared or dedicated hosting account as long as it meets the following three minimum requirements:

  • Requires any active CGI 1.1 compliant web server (such as Apache, IIS, Netscape Enterprise, MS Personal Server, etc.).
  • Requires a minimum of 8 megs of RAM.
  • Requires a minimum hard drive capacity of 20 megs.*
    *DBNOC applications are dynamic, and are therefore cached on your server's hard drive. Space occupied by DBNOC's system caching files vary depending on Web site activity. The more visitors per day, the more hard-disk space is used.

For commercial, high-access Web sites allow five (5) Megabytes plus twenty (20) Megabytes for every thousand visitors per day (assuming 100 page requests per visitor). A chart showing estimated hard-disk usage is shown below. Note that actual hard disk space usage can vary dramatically depending on kind of usage. Since hard-disk space is affordable, it is recommended to set up your Web server with spare hard disk space.

Hard Disk Usage - DBNOC Web Sites
100 Ten (10) Megabytes
500 Fifty (50) Megabytes
1,000 One hundred (100) Megabytes
5,000 Two hundred (200) Megabytes
10,000 Five hundred (500) Megabytes
50,000 Five (5) Gigabytes**
100,000 Ten (10) Gigabytes**
**Spread across multiple networked servers
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